How To Take Your Measurements

Measurements Guidance

All Glow Dressese are made to your measurements. Follow our measuring guidelines to achieve the perfect fit!

Please take note before you take your measurement: 
  • Wear no shoes when measuring
  • No need to find a seamstress, because our measuring guide is very easy to follow. Plus, seamstresses usually take the measurements without referring to our guide, which might result in a poor fit. 
  • Please measure everything 2-3 times to be certain.


  • Wrap the measuring tape around your back and under your arms at the fullest part of your bust, across the nipple
  • Only wear undergarments (bra, tape, shapewear etc) if you plan to wear it with your dress

Under Bust

  • Stand straight with your arms by your side
  • Wrap the measuring tape around your chest under the bust, where bra band sit

Natural Waist

  • Find the smallest part of your waistline
  • This can be done through placing the tape around your middle torso, then bend to one side to find natural indentation in torso. Feel for an indentation/fold below your breast. Move to the tape measure to where this fold occurs. This is your natural waist. 


  • Standing with your feet together
  • Wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your hip
  • This area may not necessarily be directly over your hip bones. For some people this is where the hip bones protrude while for others it is slightly below

Hollow to Floor and Hemline

  • Stand straight with bare feet together 
  • For long dress: measure from the throat hollow to the floor 
  • For short dress: measure it from the throat hollow to the where you’d like the hemline to end. straight with bare feet together

Middle Shoulder to Bust Point

  • Stand straight with your arms by your side 
  • Measure from the top and middle of your shoulder, where your bra strap would sit down to the nipple.
  • Please wear undergarments (bra, tape, shapewear etc) when taking this measurement

Shoulder to Shoulder Back Width

  • Measure from shoulder point to shoulder point across your back

Shoes Height 
(this is very important for long dress)

  • This is the height of the shoes you are going to wear with this dress.

Below Following Measurements Only Applicable To Sleeved Dress


  • This is a measurement around the fullest part of your wrist. 


  • Stand straight with your arm out to the side slightly 
  • Wrap the measuring tapes around the fullest part of your upper arm

Sleeve Length

  • Stand straight with your arm out to the side slightly 
  • Measure from your shoulder seam to where you would like your sleeve’s trim to end